Monday, May 5, 2008

Attending Camp of Champions will Save the Pandas!!

This is last years COC Mobile!

Don't be scared it is just an acronym!

This year Graeme and Ken have been spending so much time setting up camp for an epic season money may be tight on the vehicle side of things.

But good thing their driver Ed scored a great deal on a slightly used Cargo van!

But no worries, we hear Ed is a safe driver!

Okay I may have made the last part up, the deal on the van fell through but Ed has it under all control...

Stoked to be hooked up with COC and when I opened up decline this month I saw Brian Lopes decked a COC shirt! Looks like Him and Cedric will be personally coaching at camp for Oakley week!

So you show up to camp this season and you will see a buffet of high end bikes designed for a beating in the Whistler park.

Norco A-Lines - Transition Bikes and Banshee Bikes releasing their revamp and fresh as hell new line up. Leave your bikes at home and hit a tree on theirs!

For more info on Camp of Champions click here and watch the promo vid!

Sadly Ed's inner ear issue prevents him from coaching this season. bummer because he really likes kids and won't be attending camp for what ever reason!

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