Friday, May 23, 2008

Our New Norwegian distributor / Marzocchi model!

Veronica of Gravity Ride in Norway has been appointed as our Norwegian distributor.

On top of running a new progressive firm that will be handling Straitline and Foes Racing in Norway, she is also a new poster girl for Marzocchi as well.

Hold your comments... Veronica can hold her own with any one on anyride! She is a serious rider and stoked to have our gear decked on some sexy Foes up North.

I was blown away on the 9 pages Decline or Bike did a few months back on Norway. Super sick place and the sport is definitly setting its roots over there.

Check out some of the rides built so far!

Our brands look so good together, my only guess is that FOES may have had an affair with Straitlines mom at some point in the past.


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Dang! That Foes looks dope with those pink pedals! In fact, those are the pedals I covet that we are currently sold out of! We can't keep your shit in stock. So to soothe the anger, somebody in our dept. wrote ya'll something akin to a complaint letter...

down said...

What what?