Monday, May 5, 2008

North Saanich Freeride Park update

So what I have learned is this... winter building sucks!

This was two weeks ago, after days of sunshine it decided to snow on the park on a build day. So... building was off but I decided to keep the machine in action and at least chew up some material because that is just fun.

This past weekend I had cove-shocker Drew Mitchell of Cove Bikes swing over to help connect the large pump track but again it decided to rain. No luck. But we took the time to use a Wheel Loader and design the little kids track and form some berms with base material.

Everthing is wet so until the sun gods stop punishing me for hanging out with Drew, building cannot happen.

Big Props to Gordy Martman Excavating for consistantly backing us up with machinery, it is making other parks jealous at how good we have it.

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