Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Kid is not on payroll I swear!

I had this link sent to my by Ryan Rose of a home review done on our pedals.

I find it really cool how people see us online looking pretty assuming we are all hype but then when they score our gear they become our personal sales force. Enthusiasm is off the hook.

"May 6, 2008
Published by postcanyonloc

"Pedal Slipping" sucks!

"Once I discovered the Straitline Components website after seeing a great ad in a magazine. I sought out a pair of the visually stunning pedals, the best part is the "GraveDigger" lime green color. Having a superior pedal of this color is fine considering most of my race runs are based on that theme of barely pulling it off and not crashing. Although that is a fun part of racing, I wanted to limit the unwanted "dabs" to zero and have full pedal power to the finish line."

here is his blurb on Pinkbike.

Check out a tech review done by the Sicklines guys as well

So I just made up a build up video of the pedal to explain how stupid easy they are to maintain and inspect. This is of the 08 pedal, I will post the 07 pedal video shortly.

Now here is a tear down the and build up! Techical talk is for dorks, watch me nail this performance first take.. lol

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