Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dustin Greenal Spring Promo reel!

Dustin Greenall Spring Promo from Nic Genovese on Vimeo.

Kung Foo Bears..We’re F**ked now!

Don’t ask, they just find me and I pass them on!


This reminded me to tell everyone that it is Bear Season again and to get your Bearbells ready!

They are all cute and fuzzy until they come at you with a 4ft stick!

Straitline Bear Bell Technology from Eric Peterson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Balls a fad or a must?

This was emailed in from and I am sold on the product myself… take a look.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sicklines Overview of the Silent Guide!

When you submit something to Sicklines you should be sure that it is ready, they do the most extensive reviews in the game.

installed (click to enlarge)

Here is what they had to say about the Silent Guide, and read the comments too, not all of the comments were positive about our design.


Click HERE for the full Review


Doping Allegations?

So what… I can stop when I want, it just takes the edge off.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Camp of Champions isn’t all bikes!

We have been a proud sponsor of Camp of Champions for some time now, 4th year I believe but what I find astonishing is how modest they are at times. Okay, they are shameless promoters most of the time but what they leave out are all the cool stuff, like private glaciers with a off limits camp only terrain park.


Casey Groves, Factory Straitline rider and camp coach, Taking a dump on whistler’s opening day. And pod again on Pinkbike.

casey pod again

The untold truth is that Bikers and skier/boarders can switch it up if they wanted, you can put the bike away and ride the glacier if you wanted and vice versa.

They even have a 40FT half pipe inside the COC tent with a booming sound system, it is basically just heaven for adrenaline junkies.

I have already asked the question we all want to know can you bring your inner tube and hit the big booter? Turns out Inner tubing has yet to be recognized as a adrenaline sport and that it was a dumb question to ask.


Check out this video of their 09 terrain park.

Camp of Champions Terrain Park Tour from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.

Maribor Slovenia Coverage!

The boys over at posted and compiled the Maribor videos all on one page plus many others, check it out.

Pretty slick!

One bike you should try and steal!

If you stole this bike I’d slag you as a thief but I can see why some resort to theft, this bike is just missing It’s rider and his diamond encrusted Goggles!

Lama Cycles team bikes

This is actually Team Lama/ Morewoods Race kit Specked to the hilt in the best!


Lama is our Eastern Based distributor as well so huge props for pro active distribution! Don’t tell everyone how awesome the gear is go ride it and sell it naturally!

Lama Cycles owner Justin Mackinsh coming in hot.

Justin Mackinsh

“Lama Cycles, the Canadian distributor for NS Bikes, Morewood BikesIndustry Nine, Kali Protective and Straitline Components  is proud to announce its official DH team for 2010. For a fourth year in a row, the Lama Cycles team will take part in the Quebec Cup events, the Canada Cup events, BC cup events and will also be attending the two North American World Cups. Throughout the 2010 season, the team will be training for these events on their Morewood Makulu Bikes at the local DH hill, Bromont.“

Full Team PR release HERE

Justin Mackinsh

All the Makula Race rigs are running our Straitline Guides in 36-40 th with Black sliders, Platform pedals and the 28mm Ultra Stem for full moto style set up giving the riders and aggressive stance over the bars.

WEB SHOTS 2010 180 


lama cycles 2010 sponsors

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fogelsode #24: Sea Otter and Post Office Jam

Well, better late than never I suppose.  This Sea Otter was my favorite to date, with rad trains on the downhill course, perfect weather, and good times with the crew!  Epic got me set-up with their Epic HD helmet cam so that I could get some onboard footage of the downhill course.  It worked out great, and I ended up filming with that most of the time because I could ride and film at the same time!

The Post Office Jam was about as perfect as it could have been!  With rain showing up on the forecast, everyone was unsure as they rolled up to the jumps.  It was overcast, and looked like it could rain any second, but it didn’t, resulting in my favorite type of weather to ride in.  Everyone had a good time and threw down, with some highlights being Brandon’s corked 720, the longest train Post Office has ever seen, and Alex Pro going for a swim.  It was definitely one of the most fun days of riding that I’ve had; seshin’ all day with tons of riders that I don’t see very often!  Plus nobody got hurt!  To top it all off,we ended the day with some hefty burritos at Gordos. 




Friday, May 14, 2010

Adam Brayton… “smashing into shit”

“Dunno what happened to the days of just smashing into shit” –Adam Brayton commenting on the over cautious crash pads at Maribor!
Press release just popped up on PINKBIKE announcing Banshee’s Mythic Team, I could retype it all out or just hot link it and thats more my style..

Team Mythic/ Banhee on Pinkbike rad article with lots of shiny pictures and a video!!

Adam bringing drifting back on his Banshee Legend MK11

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ANKLES not Kankles!


Not sure if the entire world knows this yet but my biggest Tendon in my body decided to snap while out for a ride. Luckily I am Canadian so I simply went in for Surgery and had it repaired. It sucks as much as you would think it would suck so I do not recommend this to anyone. I take that back, I wish this on the entire US/ Canada Vancouver border Commercial Truck Crossing  staff who were on shift at 10 am April 12th!  Everyone on hand in that office, both legs, except the tall skinny guy with balding head, he is off the wish list.

The Point is we have zero offerings for ankle protection and yes there are some things you can buy out there but Swede-o has patents and they are deep in the medical world.


The day I crashed was a mellow day and the only day I never put my Ankle loc brace on. If I had it on, no big deal, I could have taken the hit. Hindsight is 20/20 but I really am on a mission to introduce the brand to all riders.


Jack Fogelquist rides them, Casey Groves should have had them on when he popped his ankle at Ranchstyle –Gold fool!.


I will be bringing these braces into the market even if Swede-o says no, go away but they need to be out there just like how we now have neck protection.


My caption is this photo is cute… “Finally I don’t have to wipe my ass anymore, thanks paralysis”!  Not funny I know but maybe a little.

i uploaded the photos for Dor, the photographer. sick shots

When I get back on the bike … next year I will be in the braces 24/7 when on a bike, no excuses. But they are not for post injury and they are super easy to wear and you lace them up loose and they will just be there on impact and prevent rolls.

Basically they work, no hype or over selling needed but no one knows of them since you usually need to get messed up and research on your own. After you wash them and wear them in, they are super flexible and you never know they are there.


Put on some Swede-o’s they help when you throw the bike.

Don’t be like me!

pioneer metal 004

Monday, May 10, 2010

Aaron LaRoqcue rides bikes?

Arron out riding on his blue Wildcard with his Straitline kit!

Now lets dive deep into who he really is, everyone likes the fluffy stuff, I’m going to peel back the skin for a peek into Mr Laroqcue.

This is Aaron looking tough and blocking Straitline rider Jack Folgelquist with his Ego head. Aaron likes cameras and has ruined countless photo shoots at events.

***EDITORS NOTE- I was busted for plagiarism on this next shot and the idea for the content but in my defence, ROB I was like 30 min away from a physio appointment, so I hit Publish for the euro crowd. Typically I hit publish for content then go back and review it and edit. That's how I roll. But ya, totally stolen from the Banshee blog. Let me make up for my questionable actions.

The following photo is Borrowed from -Rob Dunnet took that shot in Aptos, and he never did what they said he did to that horse, it was already dead when he got there.***
Now for the others side of Aaron… He is scared of firecrackers.
Here is Aaron hiding like a little girl looking no so tough when we built a Nitrogen bomb last summer! Yes he is hard to see because he is hiding behind a truck and half way in the warehouse!

But besides all of his faults and fears he can make cool web vids.
Check out the Promo vid Aaron whipped up for Banshee. He told me later on that he did this in his sleep, no recollection of it at all. That's when you just know you are good.

2010 Banshee Wildcard from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

Check out the custom pedals we did as a thanks for the help with What's Next and basically letting us and our riders in on it.
He’s okay!
whats next pedals

Andrew Mitchell interview!

Andrew is one of Straitline Factory riders based in Victoria BC and has a his hand in product refinement and development.  When You ride for Straitline you get full access to the design staff and valuable CNC time and Andrew jumped on it helping us develop the Ultra series Boxxers. So everyone drop your contracts and ride for us!

He had a interview posted on Pinkbike so lets go check it out!


*Andrew is a Intense rider but this shot is what they used for the interview

Bike Check….


And the raddest video in the history of the camera!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ryan Berrecloth in the Danger Zone!

Ryan sent us this Lizard Skin Pormo vid he did and it is amazing!  He told me what he had planned and I saw it in my head but this vid is Legit!


Tom Cruise may sue for character defamation but lets hope not.


Lizard Skins Web Edit. from RedfernMedia on Vimeo.


Props to Baxter for this vid and great choice in pedals Ryan!


ryan berrecloth 004

Banshee Rampant Review!

banshee rampant  review nsmb   whistler  bike park extremeThe NSMB crew posted a Banshee Rampant review of course dressed in Straitline pedals.  Full REVIEW HERE, lots of pics!


Am I the only one who shares this view? If a bike magazine or website reviews a bike wouldn’t it benefit us all if they tested every bike with the same build? Same pedals, same suspension, tires, stem sizes and so on.  I’m not digging into this review, I have just always wanted to ask this question.  You can test a bike and it is amazing then the next bike handles weird and the review reflects this but really maybe it is the tire selection and the new shock in the rear.

banshee rampant  review nsmb   whistler  bike park extreme

Anyways, I am full of opinions and amazing ideas like this one. 


So back to the Rampant. I ride the Wildcard and a few of our Banshee riders have switched to the Rampant and swear by it.

Factory rider Alan Hepburn rocks his Rampant and full Straitline kit in this mini vid with no Straitline logo… ahkem!

And again, Alan and New Rocky rider Jarrett Moore in their Whats Next segment.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aaronn Chase Go Pro video!


Probably the most original vid to date!  Check out the plane angles!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Squirrels are assholes, have proof!

This email made me laugh because it was so random so why not share it with the masses!  Sadly most the emails that come in are random as hell but lets look at Marshalls email in order of how it came in.


I sent him this potential ad campaign that I was going to launch, I thought it got the point across!



We may be small but we have BIG hearts!


Hang with the best Ride Straitline!


Dude that squirrel cracks me up. My buddy just got taken out by a squirrel while riding street. He was just pedaling to the skate park and one ran in his wheel and he ended up waking up in the ER.  He should love the photo ( he runs Straitline pedals and levers too) Best part is the city worker that took his bike for him kept both half’s of the squirrel. 



F****d up story... rad actually. Can I blog that? I hate squirrels, they are pro deekers -  left, right, stop, left, run back to the curb! People need to be alerted that they are assholes!



Go for it. He ended up breaking his hand and his helmet. I sent him a photo like this.  What else would a best friend do during a time of need?  Scary thing is there is a bunch of them on e-bay? Dude… can get anything  on ebay, even a squirrel butt.



I took a duck to my face once but that email was too funny not to share!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Camp of Champions iPhone app

Ken at Camp sent me his camp iPhone app, no clue how you just go about making one but props for being smart, it is pretty sick!

Check it out HERE and get it for free!

After you download the new COC iPhone App from the App Store, this is the COC logo you will see on your phone. We gave it the prime location on our screen.


So if you own a iPhone go and download this app and spy on Whistler from afar, send it to your friends and someone buy me a iPhone!

I will trade my freezey blackberry touch for one!






Must  watch video, all work and no play is not cool so put your feet up and laugh!

100 % Brumotti!

This is a must see. BRUMMOTT

Guido, our Italian distributor sent us some shots of Brumotti on the the Armani runway rocking our pedals. Word on the street is he is close with Armani’s daughter.. sweet!

Emporio Armani Milan Fashion Week Menswear GABtDffYB2_l