Friday, May 7, 2010

Banshee Rampant Review!

banshee rampant  review nsmb   whistler  bike park extremeThe NSMB crew posted a Banshee Rampant review of course dressed in Straitline pedals.  Full REVIEW HERE, lots of pics!


Am I the only one who shares this view? If a bike magazine or website reviews a bike wouldn’t it benefit us all if they tested every bike with the same build? Same pedals, same suspension, tires, stem sizes and so on.  I’m not digging into this review, I have just always wanted to ask this question.  You can test a bike and it is amazing then the next bike handles weird and the review reflects this but really maybe it is the tire selection and the new shock in the rear.

banshee rampant  review nsmb   whistler  bike park extreme

Anyways, I am full of opinions and amazing ideas like this one. 


So back to the Rampant. I ride the Wildcard and a few of our Banshee riders have switched to the Rampant and swear by it.

Factory rider Alan Hepburn rocks his Rampant and full Straitline kit in this mini vid with no Straitline logo… ahkem!

And again, Alan and New Rocky rider Jarrett Moore in their Whats Next segment.

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