Monday, May 10, 2010

Aaron LaRoqcue rides bikes?

Arron out riding on his blue Wildcard with his Straitline kit!

Now lets dive deep into who he really is, everyone likes the fluffy stuff, I’m going to peel back the skin for a peek into Mr Laroqcue.

This is Aaron looking tough and blocking Straitline rider Jack Folgelquist with his Ego head. Aaron likes cameras and has ruined countless photo shoots at events.

***EDITORS NOTE- I was busted for plagiarism on this next shot and the idea for the content but in my defence, ROB I was like 30 min away from a physio appointment, so I hit Publish for the euro crowd. Typically I hit publish for content then go back and review it and edit. That's how I roll. But ya, totally stolen from the Banshee blog. Let me make up for my questionable actions.

The following photo is Borrowed from -Rob Dunnet took that shot in Aptos, and he never did what they said he did to that horse, it was already dead when he got there.***
Now for the others side of Aaron… He is scared of firecrackers.
Here is Aaron hiding like a little girl looking no so tough when we built a Nitrogen bomb last summer! Yes he is hard to see because he is hiding behind a truck and half way in the warehouse!

But besides all of his faults and fears he can make cool web vids.
Check out the Promo vid Aaron whipped up for Banshee. He told me later on that he did this in his sleep, no recollection of it at all. That's when you just know you are good.

2010 Banshee Wildcard from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

Check out the custom pedals we did as a thanks for the help with What's Next and basically letting us and our riders in on it.
He’s okay!
whats next pedals


Robert Dunnet said...

that is a great shot of aaron, wonder who took it?

Straitline Components said...

I had to spell check plaguarasim and what it even meant. Re-read the post!