Monday, March 22, 2010

When you love it too much!

We all love to ride but Straitline rider Jack Fogelquist takes it a little too far in this shot. Not sure if this was a trick or if he simply never new a flash was around and he was caught in a moment of passion for his bike.

Regardless..I do not judge and it is a very sick shot.

Pics from the Post Office BBQ on Sunday the 15th.


Ryan Teixeira said...

We are recruiting hard dudes for our "Surf it Bike it Do it" adventure from Nicaragua to Ecuador. Think you can hang? Check it out: vingrub

Straitline Components said...

Hey that trip sounds rad as hell, couldn't make the link work though try it again?

Can I skip the riding part if it includes 2 thousand foot climbs and just surf and drink on the beach>?