Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chicks dig SCARS right?

If chicks dig scars then I am going to get a lot of sexy time when I am walking again!

For those of you who do not know I snapped my Achillies tendon in half riding a month back and it was an amazing experience! It really sucked bad and I thought I would be more bummed out but I like the attention and it is easy to manipulate people to do things for you.


Check out my scar, just airing my foot out in the days, still cannot walk, barley able to put weight onto it and many many months to go.

pioneer metal 004


Before …


After, ready for action..soon.

pioneer metal 005


But look at my pore legs riddled with pedal scars and rotor burn. My new helmet wouldn’t come off with the gloves so had a bad spell of holding the rear tire between my legs so that I could two hand the straps. Ouch. You can actually see a Avid rotor wiggle on one of them.

pioneer metal 004

So that's it, my advice is try not to snap your Achilles and do not murder people.




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