Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1 Straitline pimped Legend MKII please!

Oh, I like bling and this is a blinged out MKII from Banshee Bikes.

We were asked to dress the bike with our new Silent guide pedals and 50mm boXXer stem, here is what Rob had to say.


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months you have seen pictures of the Banshee Legend MKII. The first time I saw pictures of the Legend MKII I thought it looked pretty much like every other race bike out there. After seeing it in person a month ago I started lusting over the thought of getting one. In the span of a work day my lust turned into love and then heart break.

Today my task was to build the Legend MKII show bike. When I showed up at the factory there was a medium Legend in the Team Red color scheme waiting for me. After raiding Jay’s office and desk I had the parts ready to start building.

Usually after building up a bike, even if it is a friend's or customers I will take it for a little spin to make sure everything is good to go. This is first bike that I did not go for my ceremonial ride ... and that is when my heart was broken.

We would like to thank Cane Creek, Manitou, Hayes, Straitline, WTB, Race Face, Funn and Crank Brothers for helping out with this special build project. I'm not much for reading, so check out the pictures ...

The pictures are not the greatest, I did not have much time to take pictures, we had to prep the bike for the show tomorrow.

Keep riding.

Rob Dunnet












Banshee Bikes: VF4B from strahan loken on Vimeo.



The goods needed to make any build pop out from the rest!


WEB SHOTS 2010 073

WEB SHOTS 2010 188

WEB SHOTS 2010 001

We do offer back up color sliders and we sent the stock green by mistake for this build but looks fast  regardless.




Sneeck said...

That is like my wet dream. We seriously need mountains here in Holland, or involving me moving to Vancouver... Worthy thought.

Colin W said...

Why didnt you guys throw on the red poly for the guides? It looks a wee bit funky with the green.

@inthebay on twitter

Straitline Components said...

Because I never put the sliders in the box... my bad.