Monday, January 12, 2009

Product Development Time

We are fully stocked for buying season and ready for the trade shows! We will be in high development from Febuary onwards to expand the product line and diversify Straitline towards a larger biking audience.

The hardest part when developing and designing sexy parts is product/market research. New and old must be looked at s othat you do not foolishly design a item already developed and we are amazed at how many foolish patents are out there, half simply bluffs to keep you guessing. Patent Law Blog

And you will not believe what I found, and I know you will be shocked too knowing that the idea ahs been taken and we are all to late.

But be stoked on what we will drop onto the market for the tradeshows and keep your eyes on the blog!

Scroll this actual patent application bleow... wow!
Walking through walls training system

1 comment:

Pete said...

Last time I checked, there is no patent on manufacturing super sexy levers for the Formula the one brakes. If only there was a person who would make these, so us magpies could buy some shiny new levers for our brakes. ;)