Friday, January 15, 2010

DIRT top 100 Edition!

It pretty much explains itself… DIRT selected our Ultra 50 and it is truly a honor!


“Straitline Components Direct Mount Stem

A few years ago we had little to no choice when it came to direct mount stems. Now most companies offer a direct mount option, which is the best set-up for Serious downhill riding, further stiffening the control and preventing stem twist in those little spills. We chose the Straitline stem for a few simple reasons; it is clean, simple, light and aesthetically pleasing, with a range of colours options.

Note too that this stem is also available is super short 28mm (BoXXer mount only) as well as the standard 50mm.”



  Go out and get this magazine they are very blunt about some of the issues we face in this industry, refreshing to hear a magazine make a firm stand on advertising and proper reviews!

You can buy your love or earn it!

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