Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Man box basics. Step by step tutorial.

I put a link up on our face book page from Rob at Banshee Bikes about his response when he got my man box. He then responded wit ha guerilla marketing spree with my stickers…


Man Boxing is a ancient technique that I have honed into perfection and I want to share with you how to Man Box.


Man Box-ing is a simple and effective way to spread love joy and laughs all at once while you embarrass a friend who feels non of the above.

All it requires is a eager recipient and a public delivery point, no faceless depot boxes, only train stations/ bus station and personal door to door deliveries from local mail /Fed Ex / UPS and so on.

Below is my first Man Box sent to Ryan Berrecloth.


What is key to the success of a Man Box is a signature and a public location. They must sign for it in order to receive it so no matter what they say to those watching, or how they try and spin it off as a joke, they still signed it and no one believes them.


Here is my latest Man Box that I carefully packed my Company Banners inside for a video project called the 1080 with Justin Brantley, Tyler McCaul and Straitline’s Mike Montgomery destined to California.

mantube 001

Noting “all sales final” will help sell the realness of what's inside.

mantube 002

What I honestly have yet to figure out is how to send the Man Boxes without equal personal embarrassment.  Because I too have to drop it off in a location that is public, look everyone in the eye and say it is a joke, then sign for it myself for insurance purposes. 

So there are some flaws but in the end it is worth it and Justin Brantley had to sign for this over sized Man Tube when Fed Ex showed up twice to receive a signature. Another Man Box success story.

And if you haven’t seen the 1080 project yet, check it out and good luck Man Boxing.

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