Monday, October 20, 2008

Never accept a package from Straitline

I am so proud of myself I had to share this.

If people like BMW insist on punking me for being so godly like, then the least I can do is pay it forward!

This is what we call a humor test.

First you select a high profile rider as the victim!

Then you send a cleverly disguised package via Greyhound, AKA Canada's most welfare and very public parcel delivery station!

The plan is to make the victim DO "the walk of shame" in the most humiliating situation known to man, a Canadian Greyhound station. You could have sent it overnight on FedEx but your friends are Ghetto, and Gayhound is how they roll!

But what if it fails? First off you must Make the box big! A minimum of 15 inches by 15 square with all the sides marked. Make is so big that his disgusting private life is exposed to a crowded room. Sayings like "All Sales Final" are a great addition for believability and as shown.... highly suggested.

No matter what they say or do you know they need whats inside that box, it overrides their common sense. You just made them openly sign for a giant box of man love!

Because I am a perfecionist, I had Greyhound call him with a fake name "Pablo Berrecloth" so that the phone call starts off confusing and awkward right from the start!

Then you sit back and enjoy the moment, because you sir, have just made something special.
Welcome to the team Ryan!


The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

bahahaha! fuckin awesome!

Anonymous said...

Jokes on you for having to drop it off and do the walk of shame into the "Hound"