Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kurt Sorge 2nd at the Rampage!

Kurtis Sorge, Brandon Semenuk and Thomas Vanderham crowned the best of the best in Big Mountain riding!

Sorge styling it up at the Rampage.
Whipping the 60 ft gap after charging into it out of another cliff line!

By the looks of it you would think he was about to throw the bike, actually he is just busting a giant Superman the cliff gap.

I guess this is our blog so we can do what we want without having to give a shit... Holy Fuck! The Redbull Rampage so just punked the Krankworks event in my eyes! Sadly it is not very spectator friendly due to location but no doubt this is to date the worlds most hardcore freeride event!

So stoked for Kurt, probably the coolest event to podium on all year and with the level of competition having the worlds best riders in attendance, congrats.

Kurt charged his lines and almost took it but Semenuk has been dominating the scene this year, and at least all three on the podium are BC boys!
Big mountain is back!

Check out the Rampage videos here

Sorge sent this shot of his XRAY platforms eh road in the event. Obviously these were fresh, we start out blingy and sexy but these are designed to be beat on.

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