Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eurobike highlight

Freecaster made a little video of the show and saved you from all the boring product pitches with some Jay Z playing over the footage.

Sam Pilgram and Amir Kabbani were our roomies during the show so check the video for the goods on what the show is like.

Check it out! Eurobike highlight Must see!

Besides landing podiums at the 26TRIX in Austria below are the boys at the Eurobike show on the podiums, Pojok took first while Sam Pilgram second with Amir Kabbani taking third. But the night before...

Not to give excuses but maybe Sam and Amir would have placed better if Dennis and I never tied their shoes together the morning of the comp! It sounds evil especially the shaving cream in the tooth brush, but they rolled in at 5am into the apartment we were sharing and started a food fight at 5am.

I picked some apples from the orchard the night before because I am a nice guy and Sam decided they would be fun to throw at me if I snored one more time. There were Apples exploding on the walls, then a bag of gummy bears, a poor plant flew more hours than it wished, ending with a chair!

I will never forget Amir saying "A chair? Who throws a chair?" then me laughing because I tend to take it to the next level at times lol.

It was all Ruedi of TSG's fault for letting us crash with them on a farm. Eurobike definitely kicks Interbikes ass when it comes to having fun.

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