Monday, February 14, 2011

Megadeth Monday!!


Megadeth Monday Monday is my excuse to listen to music when I get in on my Monday and... a great excuse to search for people who get messed up and we can laugh at them.

Title says it all, enjoy.

Unsure if people are paying close attention to this but most of what we make is borrowed from moto. Our stems all use the moto clamp for the faceplate, meaning top two bolts first, then the lower two resulting in a gap and equal bar clamp. correct install

This is DJ one of Straitlines owners and head of all CNC bling on his moto looking cool.

Here is DJ not looking cool on his moto outside of our facility

Brett Tippie is in my email and that's a better place then on the phone, he can pop an ear drum with his stoke. This video was my favorite from the Stoke me out Segments and the clay cliffs is how I got into freeriding back in the day.

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