Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sicklines with our Elixir blades

Sicklines always does a thorough review of the gear they test and are by no means shy on telling us what they think and we enjoy their opinions. Even though they are probably laundering money and cheating the tax system, they are a good group of guys who spit the truth.

Check out the Elixir review here.

Now, after I posted this up John from the Phillipines asked about his Carbon CR blades that he has broken.
Keep in mind that we fit with no issue the ELIXIR R & CR  models WITH the Aluminum blades.
John, you have the models with the Carbon Fiber blades and would need to source out from SRAM part no. 11.5015.028.000 & 11.5015.028.000 this includes the Elixir Lever Pushrod and the Coupling Kit, Elixir Lever Service Kit.

If you own an ELIXIR 5 you would also need a kit but for this model only the Lever Pushrod is needed, SRAM part number 11.5015.028.000

So Elixir R/CR high five, good choice but unfortunatley SRAM made changes on the other models and you will need a kit that they only sell, too costly for us to reproduce.

I hope that helps John.


John Javellana said...
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John Javellana said...

I broke BOTH my Elixir CR carbon levers and they've been stagnant for months now, can't seem to find parts here in the Philippines (3rd world sucks) This is like mana from heaven! Please please please do let me know how I could order the levers and how to pay for it!

Straitline Components said...

Hey John, I am going to copy your issue and repost this blog because you have a situation that I want to adress for the Elixirs.
So read the blog in a bit and I'll help you out.

John Javellana said...

Oh that is such a pain.. I love Avid brakes but the service here is close to zero. You break one, you gotta buy one new. Yeah I saw those in the spare parts catalog but can't seem to find any website that sells them. No repairs, no spares available from the dealers.

Kudos to you guys for the prompt and very helpful replies, I've spent countless hours just looking for these parts and you guys have been the most helpful so far. It speaks volumes of how you guys take care of your customers, even just potential ones.

Thanks again and more power to you guys!



Straitline Components said...

yes, John it sucks and instead of allowign one part to be sold they make you buy everything. Too be fair we do the same with our Pedal rebuild kits.. could break it up but it is $20 bucks and everything needs maintence so may as well keep the rest for the rainy day.

But in Srams case it is a pain, in Switzerland the spare parts for the Carbon CR hit msrp 70 Francs, maybe they expect you to just re-invest at that point.

Thanks for the props.