Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On Vacation BRB 2 weeks!

I -Greg- will be on on Vacation in Guatemala for a few weeks so all emails will be on auto respond. But the guys will be here so if its an emergency please email spi@shaw.ca or call 250-655-6603 for any answers or issues.

I like to joke around a lot but this is not a joke, I am really not in the office for 2 weeks so excuse my lack of response during that time.

Here is my Orbitz ticket, I hope airport security has a sense of humour!

In the mean time just hang out and play this game and beat my score -on work hours of course- of 1870 ft. Takes discipline and many hours of training to achieve a score like that.


Post your scores while at work!


Pete said...

Oh Greg, you had to go to Mexico as this 'swine flu' crap is going on.

Don't go spanking any pigs over there like you did to that cow. lol

Lisa said...

Where are the pics of throwing stuff into lava that you promised you'd put up? I wonder if the daughter of that woman who was on standby had swine flu...

Straitline Components said...

Hey Lisa!~ Lost the Camera last day there! Don't even want to talk about it, it actually hurts to think of it. So I got nothing to show, all talk!

This is the blog0- adress is gp.spi@shaw.ca

Straitline Components said...

email adress is gp.spi@shaw.ca I mean!