Thursday, March 27, 2008

Check this Giant STP out!

This STP would probably be the bike Jesus will show up on when he comes back. GIMME-ETH THY STP-ETH!!

We did all the color matching remote with the help of Lenosky and Sean Kerr of Giant Canada so this was the first we got our grubby hands on a frame.

Jeff has been teasing us with shots of the build so finally we got to check it out in person. Sadly this frame has to go back tomorrow since it is Sean's and he has this thing about trust he needs to work on.

JLO STP pedals are heading off for a limited run so throw in the pre-orders to snag a set and contact your local distributor for more info!!

1 comment:

Jock3 said...

Hi , I like your bike! =D I got the yellow one, in original shape.
/ jock3