Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Straitlines new Race Ring!!

Like everything we make and will ever make we try and improve on what's available but of course some items we just make to color match your ride, not much to improve on spacers!

When It comes to making a ring it simple.

-Make it light but not so light you compromise rigidity

-Make it from the proper material for the job, in this case 7075 t6

-Refrain from the urge to add colors and Hard anodize them

----What the F...k is hard anodising you ask? http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-hard-anodizing.htm

in the end, this is what we ended up with and excuse the picture quality.

xzgyro 019

This race ring comes in 34/36/38/40th for now, more to follow.


40.8 grams- 34th / 46.4 grams- 36th / 54.7 grams- 38th / 56.0 grams- 40th

This ring is in one color only, not sure how to describe it but it’s a light bronze but I wanted to call it Rainbow Butt Monkey Bronze or the RBMB if you will.

Finding a Google image of Rainbow Butt Monkey Bronze is disturbing.  Just blend the Monkey grey into the boars gold mane and you get a good example of the color we offer the race rings in.


It is in one color because we chose to Hard Anodize the material and this gives you only a few color options all lack luster in comparison to what we normally make, but this is a tool destined for a harsh grimy environment.

Hard anodizing penetrates deep into the material and like a motor cross sprocket, what you need for longevity and besides, it’s hidden anyways.

Our first batch has been sent over to Australia along with my two Donny and Danny -original- New Kids On the block dolls for a world tour.

Look out for Donny and Danny on the OZ DH circuit Hanging Tough!

world tour

Again this shot appears grey but they are bronzey, this ring is reflecting the lights above.

xzgyro 001

I’ll get some pro shots done and do a proper release shortly, in the mean time Donny and Danny have the mic.

xzgyro 005  xzgyro 012

You feeling it yet? Donny is.

xzgyro 008


Pete said...


Straitline Components said...

Nope! With the anodizing process chosen it severely limits colors. We could offer colors through our standard anodizing but this is Hard Anodized for longevity. Vanity vs Durability and to us it's a tool for the bike so this time we are passing on the colors, sorry.

Pedro said...

Nooooo! This makes me sad, don't let the sensible side get to you Greg. I don't pedal enough to wear a chainring anyway :P

Straitline Components said...

It's sexy as is in rainbow butt monkey bronze! It's just more bad ass when done hard anodize. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-hard-anodizing.htm

Scotty said...

Awesome. I'd rather have durability than colour, the only people crying about it will be fixie riders and people who want a really stylie towel rack.

PS: silent guide = wicked.
PPS: when you get bored, 32T - please?

Sneeck said...

Hell yeah!! New fancy bits to blow cash on. I seriously appreciate your approach on this, f*ck colours most run a bashring anyway. I aint spending 40$ for a fancy chainring and need to replace it mid season cause I ride in the mud allot...

Function over fashion is sometimes justified.