Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ryan’s Stoke you out finale… see if you won some Stoke!


This last installment of Ryan's Stoke you out should just be Vancouver Islands Tourism video. If you ever saw any of our Tourism videos they are full of happy seniors, golf courses, nice dinning room settings with a cliché Orca thrown in to let you know that we have Orca Pods. Screw that it’s beer, guns, quads and bikes ideally with dead salmon in your boat with a Resident Pod of Orcas swimming by angry because you stole lunch. This is what they should be showing the masses.


Watch this video and have a peek at where we live and be sure to click the link for the full story and to see the winners of all the prize packs.

Full article:



“It's a little known fact that Darren is down with anything that includes being a redneck. Going hunting, fishing, 4x4'n, sledding, riding moto and ATV’s in addition to riding mountain bikes is how he occupies his time. Hanging at his house for the weekend is always a mini vacation because there is never a lack of fun things to do.”

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