Monday, August 8, 2011

Seminuk is the world champ!

Congrats to Brandon! 2011 FMBA World ChampionThe Podium, left to right, Anthony Messere 2nd, Brandon Semenuk 1st, Darren Berrecloth 3rd.

Precision and attention to detail gets Semenuk to the top. He was back in the park on the Sunday after winning Crankworx, practicing and training to win again. Most people would star fish and nurse the hang over but not this one. Here, he takes a couple of seconds to work with Shawn on set up.

Brandon rode our new Gyro along with McCaul and Montgomery to multiple podiums this summer and between those three we have now moved to generation 2 with apposing tech inside to see which one is the winner.

Dennis one of the Engineers sat down with Cam and Darren to go over pro’s and cons of the system for feedback after claws event, to go over the new designs. Super stoked to have all the big names on our gyro.


And if you missed the Invitational wow, best show to date, super sexy course big big big jumps. Here is Brandons 720 tail whip to win!

Semenuk with what looks like a stretched out whip, the reality is that this is the first part of the double whip at the end of his first run...

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Anonymous said...

do you mean double tail whip? or did he actually pull a 720 with a single tail whip? some clarification would be nice here ...