Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sicklines opinion on the new AMP’S


The Sicklines crew is a blunt crew and we love that about the site.

Never Ever do you get a rainbows and butterflies review, they up hold a critical view on all items as they should as a consumers guide to gear. The flipside to that is brands want fluffy rainbow and butterfly reviews or they won’t advertise. 

Hat’s off to not giving a f**k!

When Straitline is in need of accurate information so that we can design or research or simply buy something personal you’ll find the engineers on the Sicklines site.

Lets commence with the Sicklines review.



Kevin said...

I feel like I have been waiting for these pedal all summer hahaha, When will they hit my LBS in victoria? Got any more of the raw pedal body's?

George said...

Sicklines may be blunt, but Pinkbike were blunter. What did you think of their comments about the pedals just not spinning freely enough for AM use?

Straitline Components said...

This one? http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Straitline-AMP-Pedal-Tested-2011.html They asked for proof read before publishing, i just said run it and never read it. Filters are not cool, try before you buy and personal word of mouth is what sells me personally.

Anonymous said...

I understand these baby's break in (in terms of spinning), correct. I just got mine in and I intend to use them on a touring rig. Do you think they will break in and be good for lot's of spinning miles?

Straitline Components said...

^^ Not to be dumb but you mean spinning as in commuting, lots of miles in the saddle or in a gym on a bike spinning for warm ups/ training? Waste of cash if its for indoor stuff.

Break in period is simple all the parts settling in first few rides they settle in. I think we checked all tolerances on the parts and they are in spec to whats normal for the defacto,I think their comments are accurate but our pedal is great for when you go to put your foot back on, its not spinning like a egg beater. Never truly ridden full XC bikes to deem the spinning less freely a bad thing but it may to some.

Anonymous said...

No, of course no indoor, LOL. I am doing a big tour from Texas to South America, some on-road, some off. I have carefully built a nice rig and after much deliberation on pedals, I ended up with the Amps. Love the form factor and size, etc. I was just wondering if they are going to be good for putting a lot of grinding miles on... that kind of spinning.

Straitline Components said...

Identical everything inside compared to the original DeFacto's so yes, it will perform as it should. Just do not open them up and add "grease" some people use too much and all it does is attract debri and get pasty. The bushings are self lubricating and are used in assembly plants of all kinds for their longevity and maintenance free life. So from the factory here we always dab a minute amount of lithium grease by park to trick the client because most do not like feeling the play in the pedal when they hold it in hand and are used to a bearing. Underfoot the bushings perform as planned and you do not notice the 3 thou of tolerance we put in the pedal. cool thing about the pedal is you can even crack a bushing and it crumbles out and still ride along. it will feel like grainy shit but its a tough pedal that can be fixed with odds n ends you find but definitely leave with a few rebuild kits, you are off on a suicide mission my friend. Pull them apart a few times and put them back together so you are used to it and when you need to you can pull them apart trail side and wash in a creek if need be. Just watch the maintenance videos on our website for tips and keep your hand over the outer clips to keep them from flying into the woods.
email us along the way and i can assist remotely too if your in a bind and need a part for the bike, we have friends here and there, cool trip your doing. gp.spi@shaw.ca is the email. Greg