Thursday, November 3, 2011

Avid codes 2011 / Straitline Codes!

Matt and the crew from North Shore Bikes in North Vancouver have mated our stock Code levers with the new 2011 codes. Read below if your into the new codes!


Hi Greg,

So here's a fully installed and fully functional 2011 Code with Straitline lever. We need a 12-mm M5 set screw to replace the tool-free reach-adjust feature but other than that it's all good. No filing no forcing just a standard Code install.  Thanks Buddy!! Ps expect a spike in Code lever sales the OEM reach-adjust is garbage.

North Vancouver 2-20111028-00200North Vancouver 2-20111028-00201


Sneeck said...

go make some hope tech levers please, I beg you!!

Anonymous said...

That's my bike! The new levers rock! Was having problems with my 2011 Codes and Matt from North Shore Bike Shop suggested I try the Straightline levers. A quick google search and an email to Straightline said it was impossible. IT'S NOT! The tool free reach adjust is pretty much useless as soon as you ride in wet/muddy conditions. Can't turn at all! With an M5 12 mil set screw you're good to go. Matt mounted it and with a little blue loctite this brake went from great to unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Guys, maybe you could describe more detailed how to fit your levers to codes 2011.
I would like to buy them but i will not buy them if i'm not 100 % sure how to mount it.

Web Designer said...

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Anonymous said...

i know it's late but i found a even better way to make them fit.

just remove de inner screw from the original lever adjusting roulette and re-use it in the straitline levers, of course with a drop of locktite and you'll have a professional result.