Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Montgomery’s pinkbike bike check

Mike had a sweet ass run in the finals this weekend in Slopestyle… unfortunately his backflip barhop had his seat tap his back sending the bike the opposite direction. The trick was risky and he got deducted points just missing the finals.
But, he’ll be back and it’s no big thing, just more time to train right.
Here is Mikes Bike check with
Mike Montgomery Bike Check on
Mike's 100mm travel Banshee Rampant uses Manitou suspension front and rear, although he sets it up extremely stiff so he can still get maximum pop off of the lips. His rig is also equipped with Straitline's hydraulic gyro, allowing him to spin the bars without worrying about ripping out a brake line.
Watch Freerides overview of the event, you can see Mikes backflip Barhop and tap his seat on Vital.

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