Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Limited Editions Greens!


Here they are, matching limited edition themed kits!

Limited AMP Stem 70/90mm -160/175gAMP Stem LTD

Limited Edition Silent Guide 32t-36t – 176g

Promo video here: Silent Guide Limited

Limited edition guide full

Limited AMP Pedal - 324g or 272g with Titanium axles…AMP Ltd Pedal

Psst, the titanium is from the ex F-22 Raptor project, so its the best of the best aerospace grade you can get, off limits until recently.

Also… when Riding our limited edition kits Danzig may appear in your head, side effects to the Steeze we were told, he will go away when you stop riding.


John said...

I love that stem! Nice render too. What are you using to model and render?

who_is_bikes said...

when and where you can buy?