Monday, February 16, 2009

And I thought my blog was random... Hawley Co. our USA distributor has probably the best blog for random humour and stuff so pointless you are like WTF!

Below is a really weak reason to buy Straitline levers but hey, if it works I'll list it the product description and watch sales soar in the Hippy communties near Hawley.

"There are 2 uses for the Straitline Brake Lever Upgrade: Birkenstock horn and brake lever upgrade. There used to be three but after last year's "unpleasantness" ("Levergate" as reported by the local media), our lawyers advised us to narrow the usage parameters..."

The love letter below is from their blog as well...

Definitely go and have a read on their blog for some laughs. HAWLEY BLOG

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dotca said...

Haha, that letter is quite funny.