Friday, February 19, 2010

Aaron Laroque product vid!


Well I’m off to catch a flight to Minnesota where it is –11 armed only with a light stylish jacket, bike gloves, one toque that matches my open toe air cast and anti traction crutches!  Why because I am a man and the cold is good for you. And I need to attend a small bike show.


So check out this Banshee Amp video the Aaron did for the AMP starring local Mark Mathews, the kid goes pretty big!


2010 Banshee Amp from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.


Also take some time to watch this video he did on a recent trip to Thailand, great job of capturing the vibe there, most of it was shot in hectic Bangkok and Hua hin, south of the city on the coast.

I have been to Thailand ages ago and I loved Bankcock and a funny story about Hau Hin where the King has a residential palace at the south end of the city. I was snorkeling along the rocky cliffs one day when scootering around head down eyes looking for fish.  When I Pop my head up to look at shore all I see a beach full of every shell imaginable, totally found the mother load. 

So naturally I start looting the natural treasures when I noticed two machine guns pointed at me from a tower on the cliffs, I somehow managed to ignore every warning sign and fence propped up along the cliffs. I  basically shit my pants and this was about 15 days after 9/11 happened that's when the low flying fighter jets started making sense… Thai people are so touchy about White guys creeping up like navy seals.


So I did moonwalk back into the ocean where I cleaned my shorts and swam back with a rad story.

Enjoy the vid.

Thailand from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

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