Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Team Pinkbike / Devinci at the Canada Cup Bromont

Well last night I picked up one bruised Andrew Mitchell from the ferry after he flew back from Quebec to see a bone specialist for his foot!  Andrew –Devinci Straitline, Mitch Delfs of Morewood, and Sam Hill were the last three to drop in and it was muddy and slick by the looks of it. Andrew made no excuses, he just slipped up and ping ponged down the course ending with a busted bone in his foot so he’s out for a week tops.


Why do race plates always block our money shot on bikes?  Andrew chose the 50mm boxxer set up for this race and opted for clips- which we do not make yet- to set the pace for Hill and Delfs.

Kyle Marshall of Team Pinkbike Devinci rode our flats in the muck finishing 12th when I would have finished last in that mud.


Yes that is Andrew in the background peeing in public by the looks of it.

Pinkbike posted up the full race report from Devinci, take a look at the conditions these guys have to pin it in!

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