Monday, June 6, 2011

Jumpship this weekend in the harbor of Victoria!

First off FaceBook the hell out of this please!


Second off, if that is even a word, I was out building the booter ramps with Jordie and Laroque last Thursday with power tools and beer!


This weekend totally for free is Jumpship, where a massive 180ft barge loaded with jumps floats into town and the worlds top freestyle riders will compete for 1st place.


The Camp of Champions air bag will be on site and totally for free to ride, so you better show up and hit it.


Straitline also has a tv crew from  in town to capture our robotic cnc in action then film Casey Groves and Mike Montgomery fro ma Helicopter as thy battle it out.  So show your support and come on out, face book the hell out of this please!

So, Mike also just took the TEVA games and is the man to beat so its going to go off!


Here is the official release for Jumpship:

Things are shaping up for this weekends first ever Jumpship Dirt Jump Invitational in beautiful downtown Victoria, BC. The world's elite slope riders will ride a floating course built upon a 180 foot barge. Tomorrow our barge moves into place for construction of the course and we'll keep you in the loop as it comes together. Get to Victoria this weekend to witness the FMB elite go head to head. Jumpship is a free event and brought to you by the Dockside Mountain Bike Society.
Here is Jump Ship's rider list:
1: Brandon Semenuk 
2: Tyler Maccaul 
3: Eric Lawrenuk 
4: Geoff Gullevich 
5: Sam Dueck 
6: Mitch Chuby 
7: Anthony Messere 
8: Jamie Goldman 
9: Casey Groves 
10: Andrew Taylor 
11: Graham Aggasiz 
12: Luke Fulton 
13: Jarrett Moore 
14: Christian Wright 
15: Jack Fogelquist 
16: Mike Montgomery 
17: Kurt Sorge 
18: Reece Wallace 
19: Evan Mccurrie 
20: Justin Wyper 
21: Scott Grant 
22: Jordie Lunn 
23: Mark Matthews
For more details on Jump Ship check out or for most up to date news check out our facebook page at

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