Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Simplicity of Straitline Pedals!

We designed the pedal to be user friendly and simple, so simple even a monkey could rebuild one. No Monkey at my disposal to back up my claims so I made this little video.

I call it - Paper Rock Scissors!

Batteries not included... or tools!

For a full video explaining what you can use around the house, even how to extract bushings click here: Full video!

Of course they get tested thuroughly so that we know what we offer to you is tough, here is a testing video for axle fatigue.

We built them simple and tough and they welcome impact. If you still need to be sold then watch a excavator slam our pedal after running over it.
John Deere vs Straitline - we won!

And Finally.. how do you maintain them video.

This last video is a home owners method of replacing the bushings in our pedal using what you have at hand. We suggest watching the maintenance videos above and use a proper press because you may damage the bushings if you press them in wrong.

So... as we claim in our marketing these pedals truly can be built up with just one tool. If you do choose this method go slow and be sure the bushing has started inside the pedal body in a up right position and begin.

Now Extraction!

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Gravity Sound said...

What are the sizes of the easy outs you used? did you cut the easy outs in length for better use?