Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Yankees!

I am betraying my own Country when I post this up, but I think it is unfair to keep lying to the world.

You guys want to know why us Canadians -Especially the WEST- Kick ass in any Big Mountain free ride event?

Because we shove cans of Kokanee up our birds asses!

It is what we do and how we achieve so much air. Screw RedBull, this is the feast of Champions the night of any event.

This is a rigourous and intense cross training technique, developed by our fore fathers of the north Shore.

I have outlined the program in order below:

Score Last Kokanee after cooking the bird:

Bring along personal trainer / motivator / saftey advisor:

Attend Luggage Cart Saftey Seminar:

Ignore Luggage Cart Saftey Seminar:

Strengthen legs by running like hell as team mates get caught:

Stretch muscles and loosen up in a Crack Dance:

Seek out Giant Kokanee for meditation and a place to digest Special Canadian diet

Wake up, make left over Sandwiches, Ride, Repeat!

Enjoy your Girly Man Thanksgiving America!

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