Friday, January 18, 2008

Jeff Lenosky signature pedal!

As promised...

Custom laser etched with Jeff Lenosky's logo custom matched to his Giant STP frame. Check out the new 6 sided traction pins custom made for these pedals.

No matter what bike you are riding these will look pimped and stick out. These will be available soon, but will be in limited numbers so pre-orders will be essential if you want to gaurantee grabbing a set of these.

Have a rad weekend!



Anonymous said...

how do you pre order the jeff lenosky pedals??

Straitline Components said...

Hey Anonymous person! Unlike the Rolling Stones when we say last tour we mean it!!
Best to go to your favorite bike shop and ask them to contact us. We will be doing a limited run and when they run out they run out.
You can email me aswell at
Cheers! Greg

Sean said...

Sealed catridge??

Straitline Components said...

Hey, there... no sealed cartridge!

We utilise Polymer Bushings inside. They are self lubricating and simple as can be. I posted a video on the blog post "this kid is not on pay roll" post. You can better understand them there.

I will eb postign a video today as well but on our 06/07 models.
email me for more info.

Anonymous said...

How can I get a VWS stem and a bash ring to match my awesome new pedals?