Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kanye West's Custom Track Bike!

And no this is not another joke from us it's the real deal.

This may be a story that will bring a tear to your eyes... Competitors helping eachother out, shocking concept in the biking world of "we are number one"!

So Luke at Brooklyn Machine Works was working on a custom track bike for Kanye West designed to glow in the dark when taken on his up coming tour with N.E.R.D..

Brooklyn and Straitline and I both Sponsor ol' Anson Wellington and have become cozy!so we extended our help to over pimp Kanyes ride with some custom caps we made up wit hthe help of Ken of in austrailia.

But..... someone leaked the photos a little too early so what can you do, check them out before this ebcomes old news!

Kanye either digging the ride or pissed off about what we wrote on his caps. Unsure of what this face means.


Anonymous said...

nigga need to tie his shoes

Anonymous said...

Yea, he'll tie his fucking laces around your neck.

Anonymous said...

well, there goes any type of coolness that WAS track/ fixed gear bikes

Straitline Components said...

Pff, Screw Kanye take a spin around Vancouver BC and look at how cheezy and core everyone got overnight. Just go the oposite way and start putting brakes back on the bike and then maybe a fork and lure them onto your new style then flip back to old school. Then you can claim it is your sport again!