Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sexy new stems and spacers are in!

Pretty stoked on the stems, they have zero machining lines and each one is a clone of the next. Sexy! If you are new to our design click here to learn about how it works.

I am learning a new camera and the light settings always give me darker shots than normal so here are some sunlight shots of the new brown. As soon as I got the hang of it the sun went away, so use your imagination and pretend the spacers look the same because they have the same luster and change colours in the light.

Spacers are new and will be available as seen in 3/6/12/25mm sets in all of our colours.

Inside Joke-
Anyone recognise this beach shot? If so email me the nearest airport information... possible smuggling about to happen.


Jack said...

can we use spacers on the top and bottom of the vertical wedge stem, just like conventional stems??

Kris said...

Is there a 1point5 version available?