Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wedge Stem internals exposed

So this is our Wedge stem. Just like our pedal we designed it to be relatively simple and logical in the way it works. A lot of hype always comes out with any new product and a natural curiousity to see if this is just a new gimmick or progression. Here it is cut in half to better explain it.

I think that the easiest way to explain it's function is to compare it to when you slide a wedge under a door and how the two fuse together. I am sure everyone has tried this at some point in their lives but if you haven't then try it before reading on.

Effectively this is how our system works except we use a very slight 8 degree angle on the wedge allowing it to slide with ease down the front of the steer tube. There is no chance of over clamping the system and damadging your steer tube what so ever because we designed the wedge to bottom out on a platform at maximum clamping force.

The end result is that the wedge is now fused tightly between the body of the stem and the steer tube giving it a full 360 degrees of contact. It basically becomes self fused but the bolts are to remain inside for saftey of course.

With all of the extra parts involved to make a wedge stem work, we still roll in at 224 grams installed.

Actually just Google the term "WEDGE CLAMP" and see for yourself it isn't anything new to the machining world, only the "hyped up" biking world.

Super simple, class dismissed!


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