Friday, November 16, 2007

Got Park?

If we build it will you come and ride it? Then help us rake it, maintain it and paint a fence?

Check this out, 2 Excavation/Contract firms, 2 Structural Engineering firms, 1 established Hotel owner/networking genius, 1 "07 BMX Worlds/ Olympic" professional track builder, Accountants, Lawyers, Modern Machining firm -hint-hint and the raddest open minded municipality we have ever seen, North Saanich BC!

It started with a request for help in the paper that was to be a fun cute little project opening a local park. Now it has stepped into top gear with plans to fully enclose sections for all year access! With so much support from the local community and politicians we now need to hear from you guys.

North Saanich agreed to help us build a park keeping in mind that it needs to be modern and progressive but not scare the hell out of any beginners wanting to just have fun. We will have plenty of pump tracks riddling the course cutting in and out of the trees.

We are already green lighted for the park but we still need to expose our 5 year plan and approach in a open forum on the 26th of Nov here in North Saanich. Obviously most of you reading this are in foreign countries or states but if not you better show up and throw some energy our way!

Biking has evolved so should the parks we ride.

Any questions/input or ideas throw them my way -

By the way, the stylish rider in the shot is our very own Scott Alleyn. Even though he may be obnoxious and tell me stories of bears eating tuna in the back seat of his car, the kid can throw down and deserves to get scooped up! Watch this vid from Early this year, some footage was lost- maybe the bear ate it- but he pasted together this... Scott Alleyn


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Anonymous said...

OHH thats sickk ive been waiting for something like this to happen.