Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm not saying we piss excellence but...

"Greg, what's up man..
Thanks for the pedals, I grabbed the x-rays their sick everyone wants em'. Love the way they feel, with five ten shoes on your damb near clipped in...

This email just came in from Manny at BigRing Cyclery in Cali. Manny met us in Vegas last year and finally got his hands on a set for himself and some for the shop. Just thought it was worth posting since it shows how we have grown so much since starting 2 years ago one client at a time.

I guess the biggest compliment of all is people who have a potential warranty issue won't give them back, they just tough it out, it is kind of funny.

So we are under producing at the moment and caught off guard by the orders rolling in and new technology arriving but soon we will be caught up so thanks to everyone for their patience. New machines are almost ready to rock!

Click here to see all the new machines!

And here again is the CNC video! Our Mori Seiki NH4000 now has a 9 pallet cells and we are currently still machining the custom Tombstones, you can see the two tall stones in the video. Soon we will have 9 all custom made and have the machine working automated throughout the nights.

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