Friday, November 6, 2009

XMS Straitline World Cup team

Luis of XMS Imports, our Spanish Distributor  sent me some shots… I kept it very Vague until I could label each shot with rider and credits… give me a day or two but enjoy the shots!

toni mid section

Admittedly until we launch our new website it will be hard for us to capitalize and manage all of our sponsorship efforts and I must say that for our size we have been blessed!

 2009 Wold Cup

pasqual_hip xms

La Bresse 2009 World Cup Downhill Race 




Toni_hip jump 

toni_lower berm 



W4 Team XMS_Planeta_2 

W4 Team XMS_Planeta_11 


Trent Zoobkoff rocking our Flats with Team Devinci Pinkbike!

Admittedly this has nothing to do with anything but it sure is funny.. to me at least!

pop a smurf

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