Monday, November 9, 2009 Stu and Cathro taking a piss!

The title may sound dirty but they are British and taking a piss -AKA messing around- and posting it up for all to see is okay in the UK!

They say it is the shittiest video ever made by them but I actually think it is the best yet, more fun, less portrayal of being Number 1!

We decked their bikes in pedals and stems in a custom colour for cool kids only and soon we must make up a new scheme.

Next season I think we will make the pink brighter and lessen up the black, regardless they will be one off’s for MTBCUT only!

The gear was to compliment the bikes in the video below. In your face Pink.


Ben Cathro's Orange 225 - 50mm fixed stem.

You can see it better on this Pinkbike Video where Ben Cathro goes over his ride

“Ben Cathro is part of the MTB Cut DH team and is the only racer on the World Cup Circuit that is 7 feet tall. Ok maybe he's not 7 feet tall, but damn he's a giant. Ben is here with fellow team mate Joe Barnes and is sporting the all new prototype Orange 225 bike.”

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