Friday, November 27, 2009

Eurobike leftovers

The Yankees South of us just finished Thanksgiving  yesterday and this video kind of ties into food with friends and our many brother’s from other Mothers over in Germany!


After the long day at the Tradeshow at Eurobike we all hit the Fish Bar and have drinks … many drinks.

 EUROBIKE 09 066


Morewood Rider Cous Cous is a master of the Deep Sleep. Here he is giving all of us a demonstration of how to  save your energy for Race day, only awaking to eat!


Doesn’t matter when or where… Cous Cous knows what's important!


Now here is Cous Cous again demonstrating his Jury Duty stance, this guy is full pro!


When we do our Show we hang with a pretty cool group of people in basically a massive party tent where the brands are peppered all around, free beer and tunes!  SportsNut puts it on and all the brands gather once a year and Binge Drinking is fully endorsed and embraced.

Here’s to Europe!


interbike 09 020

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