Thursday, August 28, 2008

Off to EUROBIKE!!!

We are getting ready to take off to Eurobike for an amazing show as usuall and we are bringing some fresh toys!

Our new Bronze 35mm/50 mm stems 164grams/185grams MSRP $125

We will be located in Sportsnut booth stand-no.: FG-A9/1 come swing by and feed the fish! You will see what I mean when you walk inside.

In the meantime I will be a bit slow answering emails but will be checking in remotley so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Besides all of that I have to show our new BOXXER Stem we just finished last night.

This is our new toy, 28mm 135 grams including the 8 bolts! MSRP $140
Swing by if you are in the area!!


Anonymous said...

im in love with that stem. must have it !!!!!!

Jack said...

how soon will it be available for purchase...with free top cap...COOL!

Straitline Components said...

Hey guys I am so lagged down with a zillion emails just getting to them now.

The stem is available now but expect a bum rush at the start as teh distributors will be needign tiem to recieve and stock the items but depending on where you live a month or so.

And yes free top caps are good, we were not going to add it until we saw some other brand names on top of our stems when it could be ours.