Monday, September 15, 2008

Back from Eurobike, Game On!

We are blushing...

"I was amazed at the precision of the machining on these stems. the guys from straitline will talk about there equipment all day if you let them. you can see why when you look at the detail that they are able to produce, and the amount of thought they have put in to their products. "

So Eurobike is nuts, it is so huge you have to see it to believe it to fully understand the size of this sport. First thing you do is laugh at all the stupid names and after you saw your 40th bike brand that is desperately trying to be cool you have had enough of the cookie cutter brands.

The hard part is finding all the cool stuff in the mix so there is a lot of walking around, oh and you would rather just go in your pants then use the over crowded washrooms!

The guys from Morewood bikes have a good collage of shots already posted up from the show on their blog, check it out.

If you check the blog be sure to check the "spy flickr" account for the party shots.

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