Tuesday, September 16, 2008

INTERBIKE Las Vegas!! Free drinks!

So, we are heading off this weekend to Interbike in Sinful Las Vegas so if you are around the outdoor or the indoor Demo you can find us and our fresh bling at the places mentioned below. Be sure to check in on Sicklines.com and enter their competition for some swag and be the first,actually the 3rd soul to rock our new pinch clamp stem!

Outdoor Demo we will be proudly displaying gear to test and abuse with Banshee Bikes and their stylish new line up...

Knolly Bikes will be decking their entire fleet with our pedals so swing by and ride their rigs and get a feel for what we are about...

For the Indoor show we are being showcased at BTI's BOOTH 2059 so swing by for sure because Commencal will be there with the Athertons for autograph sessions at 11am and 4pm Weds- Thursday indoor so see you there!

So be sure to come on by and check out our new gear and be sure to check out SICKLINES
Oh, and I found out I have a Bench Warrant for my arrest in the Lovely State of Nevada, no joke, over a speeding ticket so if I am late please post my bail!

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