Monday, August 18, 2008

We are back!!!

So sorry for just disappearing fow weeks on end, so much to blog it is not even funny just so little time with all the events.

First off check whats coming your way...
I snapped a quick shot of the stems sp ignore the cotton fibers please! It is coming in 35mm/50mm all sub 200 grams, 35 is actually 165.4 or something like that.

We have been working frantically to deliver the new gear, attend the events and get ready for eurobike and Vegas shows and I promise I will blog more this week, I have to sift through everything first Krankworks cannot even be explained in words it was the sickest yet.

So in the meantime here is a quick little video made by Ken Thomson of XXIV promoting the Kings of Ballarat video in Australia.

The view off this camera is really addictive to watch.

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