Friday, July 18, 2008

Camp of Champions is a wrap!

Okay today is Friday! And on Fridays, I am not an all star in the office, I tend to twirl in my chair or wander the floor asking the guys, "what's that?", "Did you make it?", "What are we doing for lunch?", "Dennis, why don't people put helium in their tubes instead of air?" and that is a very good question I know.

So I sent Jay and Keith at Banshee a sick shot of our boy yesterday Alan Hepburn testing the new drop at the Whistler air dome. Jay is so motivated and fast he already blogged it better than I could ever do. So why even try.

Here is the write up on the Banshee Bikes Blog.

And I avoided yet another task! Learn from me and have others do the work for you kids!

And no, Straitline does not support or condone this following message but we do have a sense of humour and are still laughing! Send your hate mail if you must.

Picture that's me on a Friday and behind me is Jay! Changing the title to Banshee would be better!


paul wils said...

No! Greg, certainly you aren't suggesting that everybody doesn't put helium in tires? Personally, I like hydrogen. It's so much more fun when you pop a tire.

Straitline Components said...

Sadly, my brilliant idea was politley explained as stupid but hydrogen? I will go ask...

Keith Scott said...

I could go all technical and talk about how helium molecules are smaller than oxygen molecules and that they would leak through rubber tubes... but that would judt make me sad!

haha, I'm glad you have learned to use Jay as your bitch, lots of other companies have been doin that for years! haha

also..there is a great shot of alan flip whipping the foam pit somewhere ....