Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fresh new Stems!!!

All about the Speed holes!

Above are raw stems just for a teaser, they are still a few weeks off!

Here it is... a zero rise 31.8 available in 35mm/50mm and can accept reducers for 25.4 Cross over and a 1.5 steerer version soon to follow. MSRP $125 available in August from your local shop!

It shares the same sex appeal as the wedge stem but with a traditional rear pinch set up, a little lighter too at 160g for the 35mm and 184g for the 50mm version.

Just like the wedge stem it will command attention with it's clean lines.

And those speed holes went through some serious testing, guaranteed to make you look 30% faster!

Speed hole testing!


Jack said...

Will it have the 2006/2007 Marz 888 mounting holes too? when do you expect to ship?

Jack from Malaysia

Straitline Components said...

Unfortunatley the design does not allow the 888 compatibility like the Wedge version.

It is coming mid August for North America but expect a delay to other regions, possibly early fall.

We just got Black/Red/Pink back from anodizing and more options to follow. Next step is lazer etching the graphics onto the stem itself then off to packaging!


j-rad said...

what is the weight on these badboys?

Straitline Components said...

If you keep an eye on the blog I will post the finished product after Krankworks this weekend. Been so busy I have not posted in ages.

35mm stem with all 6 bolts weighs 168.2 grams and the 50mm is 186.7 grams we aren't too into chasing grams but we kept it lighter than the wedge stems.