Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Banshee AMP decked in Straitline gear

Again we popped up on Sicklines this time as a build kit to show off Banshee Bikes new AMP hard tail.

Sicklines chose a pretty lean build at 24.2 lbs, all the while choosing a strong component package over chasing grams and compromising what the bike can take on the jumps or street.

"The Straitline SSC (Split Steerer Clamp) 50mm stem is up front and looking sexy. Matching blue Straitline pedals as well to complete the subtle yet bold blue look we were going for."

I am digging the subtle look for sure with slight accents but I think it would be cool to see a Banshee decal underside the down tube but I think this is a proto fresh off the line.

Regardless this is a sick little bike!


Victor said...

Hey that is my "secret" plan for the Banshee and Straitline.

Tell the guys at Sicklines that the Straitline top cap has a recessed profile so it sits flush with the stem - when installed :-)

down said...

Yea, its too bad the guys at Straitline weren't smart enough to get them a top cap when they asked for one!

Oops :D

Straitline Components said...

Oh thats because we forgot to hit the automated make shit now button on the top caps because we were busy using the automated make my thoughts cnc machine on the stem.

Stems were out before the top caps, thats all and we sent gear out at krankworks.