Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kenny Belaey Show with Lenosky!

Cool video showcasing trials and the migration to Rays Indoor park where Dave Mirra, Lenosky, Chase and Hans Rey talk about Trails and the roots of all our riding style!


Kenny Belaey Show Episode 2 (part 1 of 2) from Luke Rainbird on Vimeo.

Did anyone besides me notice that Jeff totally let a nasty word out at 10.23? Right after he gets praised for being a major influence by Mike Stedley, Jeff just lets loose a nasty?


Lenosky also has his custom pedals ready to rock, matte black finish topped with custom real 24 karat gold plated pins!


Only one in North America is on Jeffs bike right now, the packaging has been the hold up so thanks for the patience!


Here is a vid I just found of Sorge and Lenosky doing a demo, it is cool to see amateur footage some times.

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